Infrastructure Services


Co-location Infrastructure

SerenITaaS works with Equinix, a global leader in data center services, to provide state of the art Tier 3 infrastructure that will secure your data and provide five 9’s of uptime. When combined with SerenITaaS Server Care we can offer a fully managed solution to assist your IT team in managing remote IT infrastructure.


Offsite Backup

SerenITaaS can help set up modern backup solutions that eliminates the need for expensive tape libraries. Implementing a solution that backs up locally to a backup appliance and automatically replicates to a secure co-location site. No more trucking tapes to an offsite storage location. Data restore can be completed in a fraction of the time required compared to off site tape storage.


Disaster Recovery

For mission critical applications a disaster recovery solution needs to be robust. Business communication has become a necessity for day to day operations. At SerenITaaS, we specialize in configuring DR solutions for MS Exchange to ensure email communication is not interupted in the event of a major incident at your primary IT location.