Frequently Asked Questions
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Important things to know…

Here are the most commonly asked questions. Please contact us directly if you have a question that is not listed here.

Managed Services

What is Managed Services?

Managed Service Providers (MSP) take over the responsibility of day to day IT operations for a monthly fee.

It can be as simple as monitoring a single critical server and providing a timely escalation to IT staff and management to resolve issues in a timely manner.

At the other end of the Managed Services spectrum we can provide full service of daily operations including 24/7 help desk, scheduled patching, monitoring of all devices and servers, and mobility management.

We customize a Managed Services plan for each business to meet their needs.

How much does Managed Services cost?

Pricing is based on your requirements and can be billed per server, per user, or using a flat all-inclusive rate.  Due to economies of scale the cost for Managed Services is typically much less than deploying a comparable in-house solution.  There are no term requirements with the SerenITaaS Managed Services solution.

Can I have you manage just essential parts of my IT infrastructure?

Yes, SerenITaaS customizes a Managed Services solution for each client. Since there are no term requirements clients can add and remove services to meet their needs.

Do you manage MS Exchange servers?

Yes, SerenITaaS provides a unique solution for Exchange servers. Clients have the option of having SerenITaaS keep their critical messaging environment up to date or just providing notification. In addition SerenITaaS will provide Exchange consultation as part of our MS Exchange solution.


Project Services

Can you help me upgrade my MS Exchange server?

SerenITaaS has extensive experience in Exchange upgrades and can provide both project management and technical resources for MS Exchange upgrades.

Can you help me implement a high availability strategy for my MS Exchange platform?

SerenITaaS can provide architectural consulting to ensure your MS Exchange infrastructure has the best HA solution implementing the Microsoft best practices.

I am looking to virtualize some of my servers. Can you manage this type of project?

SerenITaaS can manage and implement virtual infrastructure with either VMware or MS Server solution using hyper-V.


The Cloud

What is the difference between public cloud and private cloud?

Public cloud places your data and compute outside of your physical data centre. Conversely, private cloud implements your own server virtualization within the confines of your data centre. A hybrid cloud environment brings together public and private clouds within the same IT networking infrastructure.